With a Self-Directed IRA, investors can take control of their retirement savings and invest in a wider range of investments, including alternative assets such as real estate. Grow your financial portfolio by earning consistent returns and passive income with asset-backed protection in a private mortgage fund.

Investors can use their retirement funds to invest in our funds through a Self-Directed IRA account. Our funds can help you balance your portfolio, diversify into real estate and protect against downside risk while maintaining applicable tax advantages.

Most investors have their IRA funds at a financial institution such as Charles Schwab or E-Trade. To invest these funds you will have to transfer your account to a different company, specifically a custodian or administrator that specializes in managing Self-Directed IRAs and can accommodate the investment.

We have worked with investors who have their funds at several of the major Self-Directed IRA custodians and administrators. These include:

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