RTC VI is a private mortgage fund managed by Red Tower Capital, Inc. The primary strategy of the fund is to provide current income to qualified investors by securely investing in real estate loans.

Private mortgage funds, like this one, are a great alternative to both the stock market and traditional real estate investing, such as rental properties. Private mortgage funds can offer lower comparative risk with a significantly high return. While these funds are similar to mutual funds, they are secured by real estate and therefore, less subject to market volatility.

RTC VI targets carefully underwritten and well-collateralized real estate loans, typically secured against single family homes and small residential and commercial properties with loan-to-value ratios of 70% or less. Fund investments are actively managed and serviced to mitigate risk and protect investor equity.

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diversification-icon Diversification
Diversify and enhance your financial portfolio from traditional asset classes that have higher volatility and/or lower yields.
income-icon Income
Earn stable, passive income that is distributed quarterly or can be reinvested. Expect higher relative returns relative to CDs, money markets, savings accounts, etc.
security-icon Security
Loans are typically secured by first position liens, providing asset-backed protection.
convenience-icon Simplicity and Convenience
Participate passively in real estate, without the burden of property management or maintenance.

*Please see performance disclosure. Investors must meet certain minimum income and/or net worth standards to qualify.