Are you interested in investing in the Cannabis industry, but concerned about the risk?

Consider investing in Loans on Licensed Cannabis Real Estate through our mortgage fund RTC VI.


  1. Security – 1st position real estate security.
  2. Diversity – One investment in our fund is effectively split amongst a multitude of loans.  Even if one loan is not paying on time, the others usually are.  Although the fund invests in Licensed Cannabis real estate loans, it also invests in other non-cannabis real estate loans.
  3. Passive – For investors looking for a solid return without the hassle.
  4. Current Income – Borrowers pay monthly.  The fund distributes quarterly to investors.
  5. Annual Audits – Per the fund documents, the fund has to be annually audited by a professional 3rd party.
  6. History of Performance – 9%+ net to investors annually for 2020.  9-11% annually for prior years in prior fund.  Audited.
  7. Experienced Team – Red Tower Capital team members have 50+ years of non-bank real estate lending experience and the company has a decade of experience running mortgage funds.

With the continued legalization of cannabis across the US, the need for financing for licensed cannabis properties has never been greater.

Red Tower Capital, via our Mortgage Fund RTC VI enables investors to participate in the dynamic cannabis market with less risk.

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*Please see performance disclosure. Investors must meet certain minimum income and/or net worth standards to qualify.